About Us

What are we offering

The Lake Champlain Sailing School, the designated sailing school for Navtours in the United States. We are an American Sailing Association certified sailing school with lessons for sailors at every experience level.

Our cruising grounds of Lake Champlain offer plenty of open water perfect for sailing. Wooded islands, secluded coves, parks, and recreational areas make the lake a cruiser's delight. Our location is known for being one of the premier freshwater sailing destinations in the United States.

Our dedicated team of instructors, who are US Coast Guard licensed Captains and ASA certified, are committed to a high standard of training. Their expert instruction of ASA certification courses will provide you with the skills needed to safely charter a yacht on Lake Champlain, in the Bahamas - or anywhere in the world.



Each of our sailing courses is carefully designed to develop and build upon sailing skills and theory, and each flows progressively through the ASA standards. We keep our classes private limited to just you, your family and friends ranging from 2 to 4 participants - to ensure each student receives plenty of personal attention, quality experience and valuable time at the helm. Our courses include Basic Keelboat Sailing (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), Bareboat Cruising (ASA 104), and Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) offered as an independent study.

Immaculately maintained, our fleet of four training keelboats are easy to control and a pleasure to sail. The training keelboats used for our courses, are chartered from Navtours by the students according to their preferred dates and boat size. Students enjoy sleeping aboard their charter boat after instruction to give them a chance to relax and experience life on board in a private, serene setting.

Larger sailboats and catamarans from the Navtours fleet may also be chartered for ASA certification courses or private sailing lessons providing a perfect platform for more advanced bareboat training.


Winter Courses

The Lake Champlain Sailing School operates from mid-May to mid-September.

During the winter months, please consider completing ASA certification courses at the Bahamas Sailing School, the designated ASA sailing school for Navtours in the Bahamas.


Our ability to work with you and provide personalized instruction to your exact requirements for training means you can rely on us throughout your sailing continuum.

Whether you are a beginning sailor or have years of experience, we are here to help you acquire or improve the skills you need to handle a sailboat safely, knowledgeably, and confidently.

We look forward to you spending some time with us on the lake very soon!