ASA 105

Coastal Navigation (Independent Study)


The desire to learn how to navigate our waters safely.



Navigate safely and confidently in all conditions of visibility

This is an intense course in charting and piloting which prepares you to navigate safely and confidently in all conditions of visibility.

The navigation course is conducted in 2 phases:

First, the students prepare by utilizing the home study course materials at their own pace. Practice problems are heavily weighted toward the exam and are designed to both challenge and enforce the student's knowledge of navigation theory.

Next,when you have completed the course manual, call and set-up you're testing date. Approximately 3 hours are allowed. Test will cover general information, plotting, position finding, use of tides and current tables. The exam uses a similar chart as the study materials and you must show your work using standard navigation notations, which is graded as part of your answer.

When ready you can take the exam proctored by your local library at no additional cost.


Course fee includes

  • Navigation Manuals, Training DVD, Training Charts, Practice Problems, Parallels, Dividers. 

Topics covered

The use of all publications required to navigate safely and confidently:

  • Charts, including symbols and conventions
  • Federal requirements for recreational boats
  • USCG navigation rules
  • Tide and Current tables
  • Lists of lights, buoys and fog signals
  • Notices to Mariners
  • The proper use of navigational tools and instruments
  • Time, speed and distance calculations
  • Relative bearings and running fixes
  • The meaning and interpretation of compass deviation and variation

Tuition is $499 per student which includes ASA course materials, DVD, training chart, problems and navigation instruments and ASA Certification.

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